Coalition to Stop Restaurant Tariffs Commends Suspension of Tariffs on EU Goods

WASHINGTON (March 5) — Today, the Coalition to Stop Restaurant Tariffs issued the following statement in response to the United States’ decision to temporarily suspend its 25 percent tariffs on many European foods, wines, and spirits.

“Today, the entire restaurant industry and its supplier network can celebrate. These tariffs, which stem from a 17-year dispute over aircraft subsidies, have been hammering restaurants as they struggle to make it through the pandemic. Chefs, line cooks, food runners, servers, sommeliers, and all the others who work in the industry are thrilled.

“Food and alcohol imports from the EU are critical to the success of any restaurant. Ending these tariffs will maximize the impact of the restaurant aid working its way through the Senate this weekend. We’re grateful to President Biden, his administration, and the policymakers on both sides of the aisle who helped bring about this suspension. Suspending these taxes will allow us to get people back to work and start on the difficult path to profitability.

“During this suspension, the Biden administration plans to negotiate ‘a balanced settlement to the disputes.’ While we’re glad for the reprieve, we’re hopeful that a final resolution will permanently scrap restaurant tariffs. Our industry should never have been pawns in a fight over aircraft subsidies.”

About the Coalition to Stop Restaurant Tariffs
The Coalition to Stop Restaurant Tariffs, which represents restaurants and suppliers in all 50 states, is calling on the Biden administration to end all additional tariffs on European food, wine, and spirits. Led by renowned chefs and restaurant owners, the coalition seeks an end to tariffs that harm small and independent restaurant owners who are already struggling to survive the debilitating Covid-19 pandemic.


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